2022 Annual Report

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Throughout 2022, this institution will focus on two topics: sustainability and independence

As it enters its 20th year, the Combine Resource Institution (CRI) must not only be able to fulfil the goals set forth in its founding documents—its vision and mission—but also be able to function as an institution with improved and more established governance. Through the momentum of strategic planning in the first half of 2022, we are not only attempting to determine the relevance of CRI to the most recent social condition, but we are also evaluating the institutions’ ability to continue operating and expanding with the business model we have developed.

CRI continues to map out the future of institutions’ responsibilities and abilities as a member of civil society. Following the BUILD programme that we attained with the help of the Ford Foundation in the 2017–2021 term, we continued to rebuild connections with networks that share the same ideology in addition to carrying out the initiative to strengthen the organization’s internal governance. It is not possible for CRI to fulfil the agenda for enhancing good governance, the people’s economy, and local wisdom alone. As part of our obligation to support the network in the civil society movement, we reimagine the idea of becoming a resource institution. The success of the sustainability goals must be ensured by CRI through the completion of this step.

During this particular period, we additionally provided institutions the ability to adapt as a way to adopt a more open social movement business model. On the one hand, CRI is constrained in how it can carry out its activities as a non-governmental organisation with a foundation legal structure. On the flip side, we keep pushing ourselves to research innovation opportunities that can transfer CRI to a mutualistic network. This area is anticipated to shape CRI into a diverse institution with resource support and logistical capacity. This is CRI’s attempt to realise the aspiration for independence.

In the future, CRI will continue to develop its innovative capabilities in both the entrepreneurial and cooperative spaces that are relevant to governance and the advocacy spaces that are relevant to social movements. The only way to bring about change is via persistent fight, not by merely remaining on the wheel of destiny.

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