Annual Report 2016

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Digital transformation has changed every aspect of life, in all parts of the world, in a quick, massive, cheap and easy way. In the context of nation state, digitalization expands the chance of transparency and public participation manifestation.

Yet digitalization not simply appears as a spring with the clear and calm stream of chances and opportunities. The risks are, however, inevitable. One of which is when we only rely on digital technology and set it as a goal, instead of a tool.

Community-based information management for example, gets greater opportunity when technology development enables media convergence. Community media for example, are benefited when they were no longer subject to the conventional or regional rules. Even, with social media, information are shared without any time and regional border, thus anyone can call themselves community media activist. Hence, the basic challenge we encounter is to ensure that the communication, relation and impact of community media reaches their local community.

Similarly, community-based resource management utilizes data management. Specifically in Indonesia context, by using village information system or other information systems, local communities has a greater chance to participate in development planning and its implementation process. The chance can turn into a boomerang when the spirit is focused on the application, with the pretext on the acceleration, expansion, etc. Thus, the challenge is how to ensure the focus is shifted to the main goal which is improving the quality of life of every empowered and independent society with technology as one of its tools.

These challenges are what CRI tried to managed in 2016. Starting from mapping community media current condition through simple research, continued fixing information system training scheme as an endeavor to share a whole understanding about data management, to refreshing our commitment through Jagongan Media Rakyat, which have been held for the fourth times.

Our partner and community’s accomplishments gathered this year revitalize and pump our spirit. Along with our community and organization network, CRI starts to ensure that there is no one left behind the development wagon with digitalization as its locomotive.

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