Annual Report 2014

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Consistency and innovation are two keywords to progress for every organization, no matter it is profit-oriented or not. The challenge is how to smoothly combine. Consistency tends to be internal matter, demanding the organization to be faithful with the values and ideals it believes in and fights for. Meanwhile, innovation rests more on attention and sensitivity to read any situation and then to creatively think for solution.

Combine Resource Institution (CRI) always tries to keep such balance. Several ideas of programs resulted from this effort receive positive responses in the form of support for implementation. The year of 2014 was the beginning of testing whether the programs have reflected the consistency and innovation of the organization that meets the power and needs of communities, the main actor of every CRI’s program.

There are not many non-government organizations that can survive more than 10 years. In the age of 14 years old as puberty in human’s cycle of life, its existence is constantly questioned. Has it accomplished its vision and missions? Is its existence still needed? What should it do next? Those are examples of questions that keep coming up. So, it is common that CRI’s journey during 2014 was so colorful with experiences directly related to both technical and ethical implementations of programs. This is a book of journey reflection that can gives such illustration of the “colorful” word.

The colors are expected to bring changes and freshness for achieving consistency and innovation. Quoting Lao Tzu, a Chinese philosopher, the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. The journey of CRI still keeps going on. As the previous years, in every first step and all of the steps afterward CRI needs friends for sharing, inspiring, reminding, strengthening one another so that the mutual vision can be accomplished. And who are they? You are.

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