Annual Report 2013

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The flood of information that can be consumed today does not necessarily turn our society intelligent. Uncertainty occurs even because most information emerging is not really needed. Required information is information that can breakdown problems and lead to appropriate actions. So
that, any desired change will occur when the communities are intelligent not only in accessing information but also in processing and evaluating it. At that level, information will be the knowledge that can be used to solve any problem a community is facing.

The year of 2013 was the momentum we re-examined what kind of change we actually wanted to try to push. While working together with the communities and building networks with civil societies and local governments, COMBINE internally have been reflecting the strategic plan in the next three years. Have we gone through the right and good way? We keep asking the question. The answer is certainly not necessarily given but the results of the examination is realized in the strengthening of organizational structure that protects knowledge. We call it the division of Media, IT and Knowledge Management. The consideration is simple. Interpretation and analysis of situation must be done systematically and continuously. Therefore, the skill of recording data, which are obtained from text, audio, video and infographic, is a modality that is beneficial for determining strategic measures. For us, a civil community must be cleverer in reading data so that they have adequate capacity to mingle with other groups of community and the governments.

This annual report is presented to be examined by all parties. It is not only about how we have used the funds from various parties but also whether our substance have already approached needed by the target public, namely the marginal groups. The hope is that we can obtain advice and feedback afterwards, so we are sure everything we do is useful.

We hope we receive suggestions and feedbacks afterwards so that we become more sure that what he have done is constructive.

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